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Why Food Hygiene Is Important

Why Food Hygiene Is Important 

Food hygiene is under-reported, especially in a fast world where everyone is on the go. Fast-food has taken over, and contributed significantly to the fast life style, which has led to many cases of
food-borne illnesses as a result of unclean food.This has become a burden on public health. Everyone is at risk.

The food industry should be given more attention, from growing the food on the farm through processing, packing, distribution, transportation, and storage, to cooking.
Proper food hygiene is very important when it comes to food preparation. Without washing hands, the food, and kitchen tools, food poisoning spreads. Especially with the pandemic, the need for clean food can never be over emphasized.

That’s why i never understand why people don’t wash their meat before cooking. When one food, mainly raw food, comes in contact with other types of food or when the food is under-cooked. Bacteria can also be transferred indirectly, from hands, tools, surfaces, knives, and clothes. One thing you can do for preventing cross-contamination is, keep separate chopping boards for raw and cooked foods.

Professional food handlers must understand and implement proper food hygiene techniques. Take classes, be updated with what’s new and be properly certified in order to prepare food professionally. Restaurants and any public food handler should be checked regularly by the government to ensure public safety, individuals should wash their hands and the foods before cooking. It’s healthier and more affordable to cook instead of ordering take-out.

nothing beats eating what you bought and cooked.


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