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With the Covid 19 pandemic, our lives has changed, people are out of jobs, bored at home, many are running out of options of what to do to get busy. and with the rise of cabin fever some have decided to study their neighbors, just to stay sane.

You can agree that as a working class guy or lady, it’s some times difficult to tell what kind of neighbor/roommate you really have, but with the recent development to curb the spread of corona virus. people have been mandated to stay home. If we can be honest, that has led to new discoveries. A lot of people have come to the realization of how fucked up their neighbors/roommates really are. I can testify to that.
Here are some types of neighbors, indicate if you can relate and if yours is not included please feel free to leave a comment and let us include it.

NOISY NEIGHBOR – This type falls in two categories the single noisy neighbor that always talk loud on the phone, plays loud music and screams at the TV when his/her team is losing any game. The second category is a family with children, there’s always yelling, screaming, crying, shouting the list goes on. life can be hell if you share apartment or live beside, above or beneath this type of neighbor.

NOSY NEIGHBOR – This type always seem friendly with everyone, not because they are nice. They just want to know everything about everyone. They ask too many questions and intruding into peoples privacy is their specialty, they “always want you to come to them if you need anything” and they will be the one to call the cops if shit goes down.

FLIRTY NEIGHBOR– With the self quarantine and lock down, a lot of people are horny and some have resorted to flirting with their neighbors/roommates hoping to get lucky. Actually some have gotten lucky. and many uptight neighbors/roommates have had to loosen up because they want to get some.

  • THE MOANERS – My friend has encountered this kind of neighbor, always loud during sex and making other neighbors/roommates uncomfortable especially the single ones.
  • NEEDY NEIGHBOR – This type is always asking for stuff or needs you to do them a favor, with cash, food errands.
  • THE HATER – We all have that grumpy, jealous, annoying neighbor. they always have a reason to complain about everybody but themselves. In their head they are the best and everyone else is trash. plus they are always starting shit.
  • THE TALKATIVE – They are known as the overly chatty neighbor. this type, people dread starting a conversation with them. They can talk for hours non stop. Just when you think the conversation is over they start talking about something else and expect you to sit and listen.
  • THE FREE SPIRIT – this is the type of neighbor that is always drunk or high on blunt, They are never sober and you can count on them if you ever need them to put you on.

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