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Face The Future – Yomibas

Face The Future – Yomibas 

Yomi Abbas Segun is a Nigerian artist, born in northern Nigeria in 1995. Kaduna state to be precise. He is phenomenal for his hyper realistic style, and fondly called Yomibas. his early work consist of random photos taken to depict his experience, visions and expressions. He developed an early interest in portraiture for the sole aim of connecting his viewers to his subjects.

He believes art has been about communicating power and it’s been that way for centuries, and that artist’s are the first to sense a change in the society and thereby uses his works as a ground to prepare for the future. Yomibas is one of the leading Nigerian Artist of his generation .He rose from his own ashes and has carved a niche for himself especially in this era when influence is most sought after. His paintings are photographed himself and after several shots, he decides which suits his topic. His works are Oil on canvas. Works of YomiBas can be found in myriad of public and private Art collections in Nigeria and Abroad, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide.

He currently lives and work in Nigeria and other transit studio spaces as he believes in living where he works. He recently exhibited in Harlem week Festival New York, Korea center, and the Spain embassy. He’s presently working on a project that constitute his passion, vision, pain, and obsession. The flitting moments will be documented as a way of extending his lenses so that others can grasp what he feels when he contemplated the idea.

YOMI’S SCHOOL OF THOUGHT – “Every being is unique in his/her own ways, our individuality and ingenuity varies, the way we are wired are unique in the sense that there will never be another us. That taken let us bear in mind that our core responsibility therefore is to be the best version of ourselves, self awareness is important in the game of life.

We must transcend all creed and dogmas by quieting the noise of society and go within, within us is an ocean waiting to explode, we must guide this fire by preventing society from putting it off. Lastly, there is a notion that has be written in past called the Finite game and the infinite game, the finite game is played to win or lose while the infinite game is played to keep the game moving, so for me its not about winning or loosing but about a continuous and conscious strive where I refuse to go into that good night sleep at the end of each day but rather I range and range against the dying of the night.

As Allan Harrington said “we must never forget that we are cosmic revolutionaries not studious conscripted to advance the natural order that kills everyone, having invented the gods we can turn into them. So let’s go dream bigger than ever before. ADVICE TO DREAMER’S – aim for individuality and don’t lose your identity for in that lies great power to success. All fears, anxiety and doubt must be removed, for no one perceive truth in this State.__yomibas

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