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Writing Changed My world – Gideon .C. Ogbonna 


Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna grew up fascinated with stories, just like many kids his age were. He read books and told the stories he read about- from ”why the tortoise has a broken shell”, to the fast-paced thrillers of James Hadley Chase. But it was in secondary school, he discovered he could tell his own stories, and he has been telling them ever since.

Though, a pharmacist, Gideon believes that writing is his calling. A force that has possessed his body; a seed ever blooming from a visceral core. For him, life, itself, is the greatest storyteller, and a writer is only a messenger who presents life’s stories to the world. Therefore, his stories cut across fiction and non-fiction in his attempt to knit words into a colorful tapestry of life’s lessons. An attempt that has been rewarded a number of times.

His story, Burning Miracles, was adjudged the Most Outstanding Story in the male category of 2017 Imbube African Book Festival & Award. In 2018, another story, When We Longed for the Sun was one of the winning stories in the Night of the Long Knives Literary Competition. He was the May award recipient of the $1000 literary grant awarded by Loose Media in 2019. And his story, So Call Me Happiness, was among the eleven shortlisted stories in Syncity’s Anniversary Anthology + Prize.

So far his works have appeared in two anthologies: Vanguard Book of Love Stories, an anthology published by Vanguard Literary Services with an introduction by Brittle Paper’s Deputy Editor, Otosirieze Obi-Young; and A Feast for Memory, a Syncity NG anniversary anthology.
His works have also appeared in a number of literary magazines and blogs including Bella Naija and Kalahari Review.

Apart from his love for freelance writing and editing, Gideon is exploring a foray into the world of Social Media Marketing and Management. He uses his Facebook page not only to entertain, but to share useful tips on business and employment. His Instagram page is fraught with his writings—from inspirational posts to flash fictions.
He writes from a room in Abakaliki anytime he succeeds in coaxing his eyes from his phone, and his attention to details is impeccable.

Advice for Dreamers – ”When we dream, we plant. When we wake up, we water. Keep planting. Keep watering”. – gideon ogbonna

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