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Indications You Need A New Job…..

Indications You Need A New Job….. 

For every action, there’s a reaction. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the action. If you or anyone you know can relate to these, it indicates that you definitely should consider getting another job….

1. There’s no room for growth

It’s hard to give your best when you are not motivated, that can speedily progress to being and feeling unproductive especially when you feel like you’ve hit the top of the career ladder and the promotion is not forth coming. In the early stage of your career, aim to get a promotion “If not, you’re getting left behind,” and if your organization is intentionally playing your promotion down. It’s time!

2. You don’t feel satisfied.

Your job should make you want to bring more to the table and brainstorm with co-workers to achieve goals. It  can be very difficult when you struggle to be inspired as a result of neglect or being unappreciated. You are bound you feel unsatisfied.

3. You aren’t getting new opportunities to learn

Just as fashion trends evolve, so is your knowledge about a job|skill expected to. learning new skills is a big part of career fulfillment and tackling new challenges. You need a new job if the old one won’t let you get more training and education to expand your horizon.

4. You don’t align with the company core values

When you started working you were fine with the house style and core values. But all of a sudden you start questioning everything. Pack up, it time…

5. Your salary hasn’t budged

If you have been putting in extra work and the company knows it, but somehow it’s been years and your effort hasn’t reflected in your salary.   Please look for another job.

6. You become a work daydreamer

Spending your days at work doing non-work related activities like playing video games or having long conversations with colleagues, or just looking at the clock for closing time. These are signs you need a new job.

And I hope you find the courage to take a leap of faith to find an organization that truly appreciates your talent. or better still you can be a founder. good luck in all you do.

For taking the time to read. we hope to see you soon. please listen to the balzy podcast and follow on fb, twitter, Instagram @royalpixy

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