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what do we really want?

what do we really want? 

First things first! it takes seriousness to commit to anything in life, whether it’s a threesome or career path. The fact that a person is with you means they are into-you or something about you. The question shouldn’t be “How do I know he | she is serious about me?” except for special “situations” like – (friends with benefits) even that is not so special because people catch feelings in the process but rather “How can I know he| she is here for the right reasons?” If we are being honest with ourselves, we can agree that this is a question that plague so many people, especially when they are in a relationship or starting a new one.

Well, the answer to that question is… you can’t know! You are not a mind reader, but there are certain measures that can be put in place to curb heartbreaks. oftentimes we get too excited about meeting someone maybe after months / years of being lonely or being told NO! We throw caution to the wind because of the momentarily feeling of acceptance and half way in we suddenly come to the realization that we jumped the gun. And that’s when it all set’s in… fear, doubt, confusion, questions, the uncertainty of how the situation will play out, and the master of them all… Insecurity. You suddenly realize that you haven’t been paying attention because the sex was too damn good, and when you started paying attention you noticed all the red flags which has been there from the beginning. This is something you could have avoided by simply doing these things…..

ASKING QUESTIONS | TALK – Not everything is how they look so don’t assume. Ask to be sure. Meeting someone new can make you nervous or anxious . For instance, they might order something on the menu because you like it, not because they like it. Try to have real conversations. Find out if you are on the same page. Talk it out if you have to.

BEING COMPLETELY HONEST – This is where so many people fail because they want to be seen as cool. Don’t be afraid to give your honest opinion about the subject of discussion because it give’s your partner an idea of how you see the world. Don’t say you are vegan when you are not. Most times the little details you leave out could be the most adorable thing about you to them.

LISTENING – People don’t listen anymore like they used to, everyone is too busy talking . listening to a person can tell you where their head is at, because 70% of what your partner talks about is what they really want from you. It is registered subconsciously in their mind and if you are observant you have your answers as to why he|she is in your life. eg: a guy|girl who wants nothing but sex will always stir the conversation from any topic to sex talks every single time. All you need to do is pay attention to 70% of what you talk about over a period of time.

TREAD CAREFULLY – find out their insecurities early on, avoid teasing them about it. Don’t bring it up during an argument because it could make them pull back from you and when that happens they are not themselves around you for fear of being judged or teased. Everything could fall apart .

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