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5 Tips To Starting A New Relationship

5 Tips To Starting A New Relationship 

Heal first 

Holding on to the past no matter how little, slows you the Fuck down. You have to completely let go to move forward and appreciate what’s right in front of you. That’s only achievable when you have healed from your previous relationship, it is very dangerous to leave a  relationship and start another without clearing your head. Take your time to reflect on what went wrong, what your priorities are, and heal completely to avoid transferring aggression.

Be real 

I know you think it’s charming to try to be cute, sparklier and only show the good version of yourself when you first meet someone. But that will never work out in the long run. I advice you to be yourself from the beginning, so that the person knows what he/she is getting into because it takes a lot of work to keep up with the fake act. Except you both want different things. 


New relationship energy can blind you to some flaws, don’t just listen with your heart, listen with your ears.many people get swept up in romance and excitement, and they forget to listen and learn about the person they’re dreaming about and fantasizing a life together, “If she says she’s got seven kids from different men, you should really pay attention. “If he says he’s been married seven times, you might want to ask questions . 

Be honest 

When you start a new relationship, please be honest. Don’t go in with the mindset to impress that can lead to white lies, or straight-up lies,” don’t try to front like you’re down with something if you’re not, or like you’ve got everything together if you’re still working on parts of yourself. “If you hate beer, don’t pretend like you like it 

just because he drinks beer . If you’re allergic to cats, don’t say they’re your favorite pet because she has two. It’s ok to be your natural imperfect self.

The one thing you should do at the start of every relationship is be who you are from day one

Don’t compare 

The recipe for a new healthy relationship is leave your past relationships behind don’t compare, this new person is not your ex. the outcome of comparism is never good. If you like things done to you in certain ways, let them know and teach them.

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