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How To Do Interior Decoration Yourself
Chicago Co-Op at 1500 designed by interior designer Summer Thornton featuring cerulean blue french boiserie paneling in farrow and ball St Giles blue. Summer Thornton Design works on projects nationwide from their Chicago interior design firm headquarters.

How To Do Interior Decoration Yourself 

The success of every interior design is solely dependent on these aspect.

1- pattern : The pattern consists of many elements, it can mean different things for different people. Shape. Size. Style. Features etc.

For example patterns that create vertical or horizontal lines can be used to give a heightened sense of
space. Complex patterns made up of contrasting colors and lines can liven up a room. So ensure to maintain the essence of the room.

2- light : Naturally light has a feel good presence, it has the ability to set the mood and atmosphere of a space while defining
color, line and texture. So before installing the lights, consider what the room will be used for in order to properly light it. Some lights have to much heat and some paints and furniture reacts to certain types of light. Ensure to assess the quality and quantity.

3 – color : Choose colors that lifts you up because colors can hugely affect your mood. Incorporate lighter or brighter colors in smaller spaces to
give the illusion of more space. Darker colors can give a powerful dimension to a larger space. yellow or orange is very good for the kitchen.

Purple helps with creativity, it can be good for work space especially for people who work from home. Green is a very calming color, it can help with stress from work.

Here are some tips that can help you do a fantastic job.

  • your choice of tiles should be well thought out.
  • don’t throw out all your old stuff, antiques come in handy.
  • don’t forget to update your light switch.
  • choose strategic colors to help your mood.
  • your ceiling can also be designed.
  • consider your space.
  • you don’t have to spend millions to get the job done.

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