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How To Make Lemonade In  Quarantine

How To Make Lemonade In Quarantine 


The pandemic caused by the covid-19 corona virus is hitting the world really hard, some harder than others. while we are self quarantining, hoping and pray that things get back to normal. Let’s not forget to make lemonade with this lemon that life has thrown at us.

Things will get back to normal eventually, but when it does will you be ready? what are you doing while in self isolation? what value are you adding to your life? if you had to pause to think about it, this message is for you. there are few things you can do while in self quarantine depending on your profession, i am of the opinion that the kind of music being made has been watered down mainly because of how competitive the music industry is. Artists are constantly under pressure to put out new music, make videos, perform, make appearances, dress well, talk well, stay health and the list goes on.

GET CREATIVE – Now is a good time to do that. as an artist, writer, producer, connect with yourself while in self-isolation, fall in love again with music, tap into your inner strength and create new sounds . get creative with your style of writing.

UPGRADE – For people who work in offices and couldn’t get any promotion because of your certificate, or always wanted to take a professional course but never had the time, well, now is the time to take courses online. Don’t just take courses learn how to speak and write new languages, use this opportunity to your advantage.

TRY NEW THINGS – The need for this can never be over emphasized. I believe that culinary skills can be enhanced, when people get creative new dishes can be created by chefs who are yet to make a mark in the culinary industry. As a fashion designer, now is your time! try new fabrics, make new sketches, think of new prints and let your imagination run wild.

AND FINALLY – learn new craft, no knowledge is a waste, i can testify to that and stay safe.

For visiting our page, we hope to see you soon stay safe. #royalpixy #pixycapsule


How To Make Lemonade In Quarantine

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