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I inspire…

I inspire… 

Name: Oris Bright

Medical Doctor|relationship and marriage counselor, life coach, health influencer and Author of the book ‘Longevity Of Love’ . 
   Professionally specialized in general medicine with a postgraduate in general surgery.  

About the book: The book exposes important aspects in the building blocks of our mentalities and personalities that greatly impact decisions about love and commitment; it also systematically highlights habits and ways to improve communication in your relationship and marriage to keep that love evergreen.

Love is a beautiful thing, even more beautiful when you share it with the right person in a healthy way. Don’t give up on love; relationships and marital bliss with longevity it’s not just possible but very much attainable.

here is a link to the ebook version  

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“the grass is greener where it’s watered, investing in healthy communication strengthens intimacy in relationships and marriage” “Don’t be so obsessed with finding the right person and you fail to be the right person” 

WORDS OF ADVICE  : don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do, you’re only limited by the scope of your own foresight.   _dr bright

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