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Recipe For Aging Faster
Young woman with photo of aged eye over her own

Recipe For Aging Faster 

Everyone walking the face of the earth will eventually grow old, I’m positive you have heard the word “Aging gracefully” that is very possible and achievable. Alot of garbage has been introduced to us in the name of food|pop culture |lifestyle and in return hasten’s the aging process, some people age slower than others because they are cautious of what they feed their body. If for any reason you want to age faster, listed below are the things you should constantly feed your body, I call them dead food. but if not avoid them totally….


Smoking does not only make you age faster because of wrinkles from constant puffing out smoke , it is hazardous to your health. Your lungs suffer and you are at risk of cancer. 


Nitrates are a color and food preservative that hides in processed meats—like deli ham, bacon, sausage, and hot dogs. Unfortunately, while nitrites prevent salmonella and bacteria from residing in cured meats, they also form nitrosamines, cancer-causing chemicals, if you consume too many. That’s why it’s important to stay away from processed meat or buy organic whenever you have the option.

Saturated Animal Fats

Saturated animal fats can be found in foods—such as the fat or skin on meats to cheese. Meats like pork and chicken skin, as well as high fat dairy products like milk and cream are the worst culprits. Not only do saturated fats potentially harm your heart health, they cause blackheads and pimples. You need to stay away from it 

Foods Fried in Hydrogenated Oil

French fries, chicken wings, deep fried pub foods, and chicken fingers—any food that’s fried in hydrogenated oils will not only increase your risk of heart disease if you consume them often; they’ll also increase oil buildup on the surface of your skin. So instead of smearing your bagel with margarine, try a natural nut butter (i.e., like almond butter) and step away from the donuts in favor of a toasted whole wheat English muffin. You will greatly reduce the bacteria that can get trapped on your skin, and cause nasty break outs.


If you’re addicted to the sugar rush of soda, you’re not only potentially damaging your oral health and leaving your teeth prone to cavities; you are rising your risk of type 2 diabetes and the unattractive physical effects of all of that excess sugar, which causes your skin to dry out, becoming wrinkled and flaky. And no! diet soda  isn’t any better. Artificial sweeteners contain just as much moisture stripping caffeine, artificial colors, and flavor chemicals.

High-Sodium Snacks

Chips, cheese puffs, pretzels, snack crackers, yes, even the low fat variety! If they are made with vegetable oil; they still overdo it when it comes to sodium (that’s often how they make up on lost fat flavor). Not only does a high sodium diet leave us prone to high blood pressure; it also leaves us prone to chronic skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.


Having beer or a glass of red wine on the weekend isn’t going to ravage your youthful skin. However, binge drinking and excessive alcohol consumption will damage your liver (causing liver toxicity), leaving a trail of free radicals in its wake. And free radicals will cause vasodilatation—the condition behind skin blunders like rosacea.


A cup of coffee can be just the pick-up you need first thing in the morning. But there’s a big difference between having a cup of coffee, a little too much and a whole pot. Caffeine is a diuretic, which not only dangerously dehydrates the body; it also dries out your skin and increases cortisol production, a type of stress hormone that’s linked to accelerated aging.

White Breads & Pastas

You already know that complex carbohydrates (like whole grain breads and pastas) are far better for you than those of the refined white variety. It’s because white bread, pasta, and baked goods sit high on the glycemic index, meaning they increase insulin production. So they not only leave you at risk of type 2 diabetes; they also leave you prone to acne and skin inflammation as well.

Refined Sugars

Chocolate bars, candy, and baked goods, we love them, but they don’t love our skin so much. The high levels of refined sugar contained within these tempting goodies are actually linked to weakening the immune system, causing skin to become dull, thin, and dry, and robbing the body of collagen and elastin production needed to keep us looking radiant and youthful.

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