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Signs You Have Fake Friends

Signs You Have Fake Friends 

Sometimes it is very hard to believe that your friend is not for you, especially when you have known them for a long time . some people you call friends are competition in disguise and are toxic to your growth and advancement. here are signs to lookout for …

Your friend find ways to spend less and less time with you as you practice. your hard work, and sacrifice starts to pay off and you start living the life you’ve always wanted. all of a sudden your happiness becomes a constant reminder of their unhappiness, as a result, they’d rather stay away. Sometimes its disguised as being “really busy” or they’ll just slowly disappear. A friend who is not jealous will want to celebrate with you, a jealous one skips the party every time with excuses.

No matter what you did, they find a way to give the credit to someone else. Just had a great photo shoot? “It’s because of the lighting and editing.” Just got a new job? “It’s because you know someone.” A deeply jealous friend can never acknowledge that you may actually have earned or even deserve the good things that are happening to you.

This response is insincere and usually offered by someone who is aware of their jealously and trying to overcompensate. They put a big fake smile on their face (seeming to forget that you know what their real smile looks like) and act overly happy. It leaves you feeling hollow and unsupported and if they were truly happy for you, you’d know it.

You share your good news with a friend and they act unexcited or immediately seek to cut it They’ll often be sure to remind you of your past failures while they’re at it.
Its one thing to ask some reasonable questions to make sure you’ve thought of everything but something completely different when they’re putting a damper on every good thing that comes your way. A true friend is neither stingy with the adjectives nor trying to pull you back down to earth—they’re flying up there right alongside you.

This friend’s jealousy manifests itself as a barrage of constant criticism, often disguised as “tough love” or “just being real.” This can also manifest itself as this person talking about you behind your back, tearing you, your achievements, and your relationships down. A real friend knows your faults and failings, but loves you anyway, and tries to help you see both your best self and be your best self.

You’re looking into trying something new and exciting and a jealous friend always tells you that “you’re no smart enough” or “you’re not well suited” for a job, a romance, or just about anything you really want. Sometimes you’re not ready, but a true friend will not give you that input unless its truly warranted, and not just to keep you small. A true friend is able to say these three words “go for it.”Or, you have something big coming up and really need your friend’s help but just when you need them most, they aren’t available. They’ll come up with some great excuses too. But a true friend who wants you to succeed and be happy will find a way to be there for you when you need them. They may not be perfect or able to be there every time, but they’ve always got your back.

Sometimes a friend is just jealous of you or uncomfortable with how brightly your light is shining and they ask you to tone it down or dim your light…asking you to be less of you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship, someone who really loves you would never ask you to be less of who you are but rather, they want the real you

Basically, if every time you have success or good news, your friend acts distant, or dismissive, it could mean they are jealous. Or, if you start censoring yourself and find it awkward or difficult to talk to them about things that make you happy, it might mean your friend is Jealous or Envious . The important part here is that just because they are jealous, it may not mean the friendship is over.

Examine Your Actions and Intentions:
Look deep and ask yourself, are you doing anything that could be intensifying their feelings of jealousy? Are they in a bad place in their life and have you not been attentive enough of their needs?See if you can put yourself in their shoes and if you can identify why they may be feeling the way they do. Take responsibility for your actions and intentions and bring that forth into the next step.

Take the time to talk about it with your friend and see why they may be feeling the way they do. Don’t be surprised if their first reaction is one of denial or to say you are imagining things. Some people are not aware of how their jealousy manifests itself so let them know what you hear from them and how it makes you feel, using “I” statements like “when I hear you react this way, it makes me feel…”Find out it they are going through a rough patch or if you managed to ignore or brush past their last success. Let them know how important your friendship is to you and see if you can both make a conscious effort to be more supportive and celebrate each others good news as if it was your own.

Once you’ve opened the channels of communication on this issue and cleared the air now the real work begins. See if you can find common ground on how to work through it together. In most cases, your friend will be open to this dialogue which means the friendship is on solid ground. If however they refuse to take responsibility for their actions and instead keep the finger pointed at you, its probably time to evaluate whether you need to stay in this soul-draining relationship. It might be time to let go and move on.

some people around you will not be able to take the next steps with you—and sometimes they can actively resist your growth.As much as you want to help your friend find happiness and release from jealousy, that is something only they can do themselves. It is their choice and no amount of cajoling on your part will get them there.
.Thanks for your time…..

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