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Over the years you can agree that a lot has changed when it comes to fashion, and  lingerie is not left out . it is being accorded respect because it has become a game changer, it come’s in different designs and name’s and regardless of your status whether single or married your lingerie says a lot about you. 

Just as people’s taste in men changes as they evolve , so does their lingerie choices. 

there are different types of lingerie’s, and as a lady it is essential that you follow up the trend to spice things up in your relationship|marriage.

here is what your lingerie say’s about you…

Designer Lingerie
it needs no introduction 

White Cotton & Sensible
Most girls start out here and evolve as their world-view and self-image begin to change. Quite a few return to this combo and its comfort and convenience underscore a desire for a traditional love life.

This is also known as G- string , colorful and provocative bottom often has a revealing high strap. 

Body Shapers
These trendy undergarments are made to hold in your belly, waist and often your thighs. If being chunky ever comes back in style, these will be relics from a bygone era. Something this trendy and appearance altering reveals your desire for acceptance. A man should be overjoyed if you are wearing this type of lingerie, as it reveals you to be submissive and living to please him at all costs.

Panty Hose and a Boring Bra
In covering your legs and approaching your intimate wear with practicality over everything else, you are holding back in looking for love. Perhaps there is a broken heart in your past that taught you that love hurts. Now you make sure to reveal nothing to the world that might inspire such a hurtful occurrence again. It is not that all hope is lost.

Bikini Bottoms and a Push-Up Bra
In an attempt to look your best, sometimes you have to augment what is there … but don’t call it false advertising. In making the most of what you have you are advertising yourself much like a product. 

Sports Bra / Workout Underwear
If you work out often, you will get in the habit of wearing the underwear that is most comfortable for physical exertion. This is also an indicator that your hopes for love are completely in your own control. Your confidence and dedication to being the best you can be and staying in great shape translates into only accepting healthy relationships into your world and not modifying who you are to fit the needs of a partner.

Garter Belt with Stockings and Lace
Don’t you just love to take the extra time to add a sex appeal that causes more than a few gawkers to get the hint? This sense of drama drives your hopes for love. You want a rebel and a rock star all rolled into one and you might break a few hearts along the way as you search for this demigod of a stud. What you might find along the way is that all that drama and excitement only ends up scaring the good ones away and love only becomes more difficult to attract.

The old school way of modifying your appearance is also a way of training your body to eat less and getting the gorgeous hourglass figure you deserve ahead of the diet. Your hope for love is described in the willingness to put up with a little pain and modify what there is to be gained, all in the name of being who you are: a true partner willing to put the work into a relationship to make it work.

Underwear as Outerwear
This is a trend that pretends to be revealing but in reality is a refusal to start the healing. You will not see a girl experiment with this stage of style for long, but a woman who adopts this look is letting the world know that she has a broken heart and does not want to let it heal. Long-term continuation of this look can lead to a self-destructive streak.

NOTE it is very important to change your underwear regularly, maximum use should be three months. to avoid bacteria infection and other infections that can be hazardous to health, and sharing underwear is a NO NOOO! 

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