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When The Feeling Hits You.. 

She is a young talented and promising independent singer, idehen osato mary fondly called nina_shezz. here is what Christmas means to her.

”Christmas is about sharing love and being there for each other, some day at Christmas men will be boys and only love can make that happen”.

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  1. Ama

    These days, I don’t like Christmas much but yeah, I pray that one day, Christmas becomes all it’s reallt supposed to be.

  2. StuartRax


  3. GeorgeLiz

    Sir Elton John is my favourite singer of all time.

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  5. GeorgeLiz

    Sir Elton John is my favourite singer of all time.

  6. Williamses

    Hello, admin.

    Interesting website, really!
    But “Search” function on it doesnt work. Sad.

    1. Pixy

      hi, everything on this site works perfectly well. thanks.

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